502 Cubic Inches

10 Years to Build

Stewart S-51D

The Stewart S-51D Mustang is an all aluminum replica of the North American P51-D Mustang at approximately 70% scale.

Why Now?

After a labor of love, the owner realized he was spending more time in the 4-seat family airplane than in the Mustang. So the plane is available now to a new owner.

The Stewart 51 Kit

The Stewart 51 design started out some 20 years ago and as the plans progressed, the complete aircraft were making quite a splash at Oshkosh during this era. At the time it was the most accurate replica of the P51D available, and represented a quantum jump in complexity and performance over anything else available.

But today you cannot buy an S51 Kit as no one is producing them. So therefore, this is a rather special chance to own a rather special aircraft whose big brother held a memorial place in history.

NEW! 18 Dec 10 - Contributed Photos from fly-in at Lantana airport.


09 Nov 10 - In response to the many detailed questions we receive, we've started a Remarks and FAQs section to be updated as needed.

10 Feb 10 - 3 new photos in gallery details.

30 Nov 09 - Videos of plane posted on YouTube plus links to Jim Stewart's company page.

02 May 09 - New Photos illustrating the drop tanks and other details.