502 Cu in, Brodix Heads

Big 4-blade Prop

About S-51D N51XZ

Price: US 195,000 (Reduced from $225,000)


Year of manufacture: 2004

45 hours TTSN

Annual May 2007




502 cu in Chevy Big Block built by Lou Whittington

Brodix Aluminum Heads

Stainless Steel calves

Dry Sump Oil system

Lunati Roller Cam

MSD Dual Ignition

Callis Oil Cooler

Edelbrock reverse rotation water pump

AirResearch Mechanical Fuel Injector system with dual backup pumps

Balanced and Magnafluxed


New Harzell Propeller

S-51 Designed Gearbox


70 gals internal (35 gals per side). Figure fuel burn of ~20 gals/hour.

Two drop tanks (35-gals each) included. Requires fabrication of bracket from included drawings. Wing hard points already installed.


All Teflon Steel-Braided Lifetime hoses on oil and fuel lines (2000 psi)

All latest landing gear mods and Emergency hand extension pump

Electric Trim

Approved for most Aerobatics

Riveting by Bill Frick and Dick Millard

Corrosion proofed with Epoxy Primer

Electrical System by Mark Weaver

Dimensions and Limitations

These specs were posted when Jim Stewart submitted the kit plans:


Posted service ceiling: 23,600 ft
Empty Weight: 2250 lbs
Gross Weight: 3350 (may exceed within CG)
Length: 22 ft
Height: 8.5 ft
Wing Span: 26 ft
Wing Area: 123 ft2

Remarks, FAQs and Q&A

So many people have asked "What makes this plane special" that I've put together some answers to the most frequently asked questions. Also, included questions we've received from interested parties.

1. During construction, careful attention was paid to observing and following all manufacturers' recomendations and specifications.

2. Firewall-forward was engineered after the prototype had 600 hours.

3. Fuel lines are all 0.5 inch.

4. Dry-sump oil system.

5. Dual electric fuel pumps offer redundancy for the engine-driven pump and for each other so you have starting redundancy as well.

6. Dual MSD ignition.

7. Single plugs.

8. Dual batteries for electric system redundancy. Batteries replaced Nov 2011 and added new battery tenders.

9. The wing stress analysis was done analytically -- that is without sand bags as it would take a bunch -- source was an instructor who taught structures at Embry Riddle University.

Questions and Answers by email

Q: Is it registered as a 2-seater with the FAA?

A: Yes, It is a registered as a two seater.

Q: Is it registered as an aerobatic aircraft with the FAA?

A: It is aerobatic and entered in the log book.

Q: Will the engine work inverted?

A: The engine does not have inverted oil or fuel system. The plane can go inverted but not pull negative G's without losing oil pressure and unporting the fuel pick-up tube.

Jim Stewart put a christen system on the prototype for an inverted oil system. I do not know if he ever did the fuel system. The original P-51 did not have inverted fuel or oil systems.

Q: What kind of fuel are you currently using?

A: I have only used aviation fuel but premium auto fuel can be used as well.

Q: What is the cruise indicated airspeed (no ground speed) and fuel flow?

A: It cruises at 240 MPH and burns 18 gph. Although I flight plan 20 gph.

Q: What is Vne?

A: Vne is 300 Kts indicated.


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